How Your Gift Helps Homeless Pets

Companionship. Comfort. Unconditional love. A good laugh at just the right moment. Considering how much our pets give to us each and every day, giving back to them seems like the perfect way to celebrate. From joyful playtime to special spa days, you'll find just the right gift for the animal lovers on your list.

Highlighted in this catalog are many of the most common items needed for homeless pets at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and throughout the country. Some of the gifts are healing in nature while others are tasty and fun. But rest assured that no matter which gift (or gifts) you choose, all of them are lifesavers for our fuzzy friends. 

These gifts are, of course, symbolic, so whichever you choose, please know that you'll be helping the animals who need it most, here at the Sanctuary and throughout the country.

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